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AEM | ACS – Generic List | Dialog Configuration – Touch UI

This article will explain how to identify and retrieve values from a list for current site, which is configured in Touch UI dialog’s dropdown.


  1. Please see Generic List – Support Site Inheritance for understanding of Generic List requirement and complete solution.
  2. For Classic UI, Please see Generic List | Dialog Configuration – Classic UI


  1. Create MyList class, to find out correct list and return values. This class will use MyList Service to find and fetch correct list. Click here to download code.
    package com.mysite.constollers.datasource;
    import java.util.List;
    import com.adobe.cq.sightly.WCMUse;
    import com.adobe.granite.ui.components.ds.DataSource;
    import com.adobe.granite.ui.components.ds.SimpleDataSource;
     * Generic List datasource helper view to return list based on requested site context
     * @author Mohit K. Bansal
    public class MyList extends WCMUse {
        private static final String DATASOURCE = "datasource";	
        static final String CONST_LIST = "list";
        public void activate() throws Exception { list = this.getSlingScriptHelper().getService(;
    	Resource datasource = this.getResource().getChild(DATASOURCE);
    	String listName = (String) datasource.getValueMap().get(CONST_LIST);
    	List listResource = list.getResourceList(this.getRequest(), listName);
    	DataSource ds = new SimpleDataSource(listResource.iterator());
            this.getRequest().setAttribute(DataSource.class.getName(), ds);
  2. Create a datasource, In Touch-UI, we need to create a datasource to fetch value dynamically. For our dropdown, we will create a datasource in Sightly. This datasource is generic and can be used to fetch any dynamic list. To create datasource, please follow following steps:
    • Create a node (eg. mylist) of type “nt:folder” under “/apps/<sitename>/components/datasource”
    • Create a Sightly file named “mylist.html” under “mylist” folder
    • Add following code in “mylist.html” to invoke MyList Class
  3. Update cq:dialog to invoke mylist datasource
            fieldLabel="My Dropdown Label"
                list="<List Name>"/>

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