2 Hours – No Where

This is the coolest day of month of June, Temperature is around 28 Degree. I was trying to complete my office work as soon as possible so that I will manage to leave on time and enjoy the weather. I have a great plan for this evening. I have decided to bring Samosa’s and make Mango Shake. Finally its 5:30 PM IST and my work were almost finished. I called Himanshu (my lead).

Me: Hey Himanshu, Its 5:30 and I have already finished my today’s tasks. I am leaving for the day now.
Himanshu: Dost, wait for few minutes, I am also planning to leave in next 10 to 15 minutes.
Me: Ok, no worries.

6:00 PM IST, we left the office and coming out from the team area. What luck, Lift was ready. We caught the lift and started our journey. As soon as we come out from the office building, we saw the parking shuttle were ready to move. We caught the shuttle. It took hardly 5 minutes to reach parking area.

Me: Himanshu, it’s a pleasant weather today, do you have any special plan?
Himanshu: Yaah, some of my friends will join me soon. I will have a great evening.
Me: Cool, I am planning to bring something special to eat.

Here we reach the parking area. Soon we were in the Himanshu’s car. He started the car. My house is hardly 500 meter away from parking area.

6:15 PM IST,
Me: Thank you Himanshu for the lift. Have a nice evening. See you tomorrow in office.
Himanshu: Bye Mohit. Enjoy

I have started walking towards my room, its not a posh area but still it’s a good area to live. We are 4 friends living in a 2BHK flat. We know each other since last 9 years. All of us are from Muzaffar-Nagar city. Vinay just got married and now enjoying his honeymoon. Tarun is already engaged and spent 40% of his time on phone. Deepanshu and I are still single.

Ok, I have reached my room. Generally Tarun used to come by 6 PM, but today room is lock. Might be he got stuck in some office work. I take out the key from my pocket, hook it into the lock, and turn it. What happen? Uff it’s not opening the lock. OMG, seems like I have the wrong key. Holy shit, by mistake I pick the wrong key in morning. Now what should I do? Number of ideas started running in my mind. Ok, lets call Tarun and ask when we will be in

Dialing … ohh seems like my mobile’s battery is low, what the hell, but I have to call him.

Me: Hey Tarun, where are you buddy?
Tarun: I am in office.
Me: Ok, whats your plan? By what time you will reach here?
Tarun: I will reach there by 8 PM. Currently busy in some work. What happen?
Me: I am in big trouble. I have reached here but don’t have the key. Is it possible for you to come early?
Tarun: Sorry yaar, not possible, but I will try, mean while why don’t you call Deepanshu and ask him to come early.
Me: Yaah, will do that. Thanks.

Now Deepanshu is the only hope, dialing …

Me: Where are you friend? Is it possible for you to come early? I am standing outside the room but don’t have the key.
Deepanshu: Ohh, I am sorry friend, its not possible for me. I will take atleast one hour. I have some important work to finish before leaving. Why don’t you call Tarun?
Me: I have already called him, but he is also busy.
Deepanshu: Ok, I will try to leave office by 7 PM. I will reach there by 7:15 PM.
Me: Ok, I will wait then. Thanks buddy.

Ok, so its 6:30 PM, and I am damn hungry, so I have decided to go out and have something. I have many options …

How about “Samosa?” It was in my plan… Noo, I will enjoy samosa with Milk shake only.

“Chole Bhatore?”, sounds a good option. Lets go.

I am at the sweet shop, Friend make a plate of chole bhatore for me. What? You don’t have L Uff, its too much for today! “But picture baki hai mere dost”, ok give me one cold drink. How much I have to pay?

Shopkeeper: Rs. 20 only

Ok, I checked my wallet, another surprise were waiting for me here, i have started counting money… 10 , 15 … 17

Sorry friend, I don’t have enough money, I will buy it some other time. Thank you

I left the shop, but I am still hungry and also i have to complete 40 more minutes. I saw a bhoota wala, the weather is cool, and so it’s a fun to eat bhoota.

Me: Bhiya, what is the cost of this?
Bhoota wala: Rs. 10 only.
Me: Ok, make one for me.

He makes one and handed to me, I pay the money and started walking. Now I am again standing in front of my room. It’s hard to wait. Let’s go up stairs. I start walking. I am eating bhoota and walking. I have less battery in my mobile and don’t want to waste it. So i can’t call any one. I can’t listen music. I am just walking.

7:15 PM
Finally its 7:15 PM and I have no idea where Deepanshu is. I should call him. Dialing …

Me: Where are you friend?
Deepanshu: I am just wrapping up. I will reach there in next 10 minutes.
Me: Ok, I am waiting for you. Listen, I am up stairs, so call me from there. My Mobile battery is also down.
Deepanshu: Ok.

I started walking again. 10 more minutes and I will be in my room. I have to write another blog on Fatwire caching today. (I started thinking what I will do…).

7:40 PM, I am still waiting for Deepanshu …, ohh just remembered, its time for our cook to come. Let’s go down stairs and wait for Cook and Deepanshu. Again I am standing outside my room and again I am waiting …

7:50 PM

8:00 PM … I am still waiting

8:15 PM, I saw Tarun is coming. I have a sweet smile on my face. Thank you GOD


5 thoughts on “2 Hours – No Where

  1. hii brother,
    its really very interesting in form of story……..
    but but but!!!
    in reality i know its very hectic phase to spent the number of minutes..
    i phased it twice time in my lf.. when i was in JNU i forget my keys in lab and lab was locked and that time i never forget in my life…

    1. Thanks Shweta. This can happen with any one. But i learn a lesson to always keep the correct key. Today i have checked the key twice before leaving the room 🙂

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